About Project R'lyeh

The purpose of Project R'lyeh is to make the top 100 Danish roleplaying scenarios available through the Internet, if possible in print quality, and using a printer-friendly format not dependent on platform (that's PDF for you).

From the early 90s, the Danish roleplaying conventions have developed a strong tradition for presenting one-shot scenarios, designed to be played by random groups of gamemasters and players at a convention. This is probably due to the fact that Denmark, with only 5 million inhabitants, has little potential for commercial roleplaying publishers. As a consequence, the conventions are driven by volunteers and peer recognition rather than commercial interests. This is also reflected in the fact that many of the scenarios in Project R'lyeh weren't written with a roleplaying system in mind.

The scenarios in our database have distinguished themselves somehow. Some are included because they're Danish roleplaying classics. Others are ingenious experiments, are based on brilliant plots or include extraordinary player characters. The common trait is that the people behind Project R'lyeh think they're great roleplaying scenarios. That judgment is as subjective as any review.

All the scenarios in Project R'lyeh are in Danish. They are listed here.

Feel free to mail us at if you have any questions about Project R'lyeh.

Disclaimer: All rights to the scenarios and included material available through Project R'lyeh are reserved by their creators. You may read, print and play the scenarios for your personal pleasure. They may not be sold or otherwise reproduced in any form or by any means.